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Marcia’s Story: Mind, Body, and Soul

I still remember the morning when I felt that lump in my breast for the first time.  I had no family history of breast cancer, but I had attended a free seminar in Door County on women’s health and they taught us what to look for. 

I also knew my health plan requires me to pay the first several thousand dollars as a deductible before it would cover any medical costs. Things are tight right now.  I thought maybe I should wait a few months to see if the lump grows before I go see the doctor.  These are the kinds of choices people like me have to make every day.

Fortunately a local health care clinic provides health care to women.  I’m so glad I went to see them.  They not only evaluated my lump but also gave me a complete physical.  Things are looking up now.  Thank you to all who support these community resources for women like me!
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Women's Fund of Door County
Door County Community Foundation
P.O. Box 802
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
(920) 746-1786
The breast cancer rate in Door County has exceeded the state average each year from 2000 to 2011.

Wisconsin Cancer
Reporting System 2014

With the generosity of people like you, the Women’s Fund has awarded grants and partnered with:

  • Educational programs for women & girls
  • Access to mental counseling and health services
  • Family Planning
  • Breast Health
  • Counseling for Women
  • Community Clinic of Door County

As a community, we are succeeding in reducing the incidence of teen pregnancy.  Door County births to women less than 20 years of age decreased from 19 births in 2005 to 12 births in 2012.

Door County
Public Health Department 2014

With the generosity of people like you, the Women’s Fund has awarded grants and partnered with:

  • Health screening
  • Educational programs for women & girls
  • Access to mental health counseling
  • Health Education
  • Family Planning
  • Breast Health
  • Community Clinic of Door County

Women’s Healthcare in Door County

At the Community Clinic of Door County approximately 320 women and girls had the opportunity to see an RN or Nurse Practitioner for annual checkups or for health education. The Women’s Fund of Door County granted the clinic dollars to pay the nursing staff for those visits.  These nurses spend much of their time on education — self-respect, self-esteem and safety.  Women and girls can find answers to hard questions like these:

Posed by a teenager:  My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex. My girlfriends told me I should come here because my visit will be confidential.  What can I do?

Posed by a new mother: I had my baby and don’t want to have another one right away. What comes next?

Posed by an older mom: I’m having hot flashes and don’t know what to do.  Please help!

The Community Clinic provides a unique place where education and confidentiality meet.

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